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리눅스에서 넷앱NAS mount 12.06.04 18:52

mount.cifs //NASIP/nas /mnt/backup -o user=username,pass=password,iocharset=euc-kr

iocharset <=== 한글 깨지지 않게  utf8 또는 euc-kr

[root@localhost ~]# mount.cifs

Usage:  mount.cifs


Mount the remote target, specified as a UNC name, to a local directory.


Less commonly used options:

Options not needed for servers supporting CIFS Unix extensions
 (e.g. unneeded for mounts to most Samba versions):

Rarely used options:

Options are described in more detail in the manual page
 man 8 mount.cifs

To display the version number of the mount helper:
 mount.cifs -V


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